HIQA – Damming Report On Nenagh Hospital

Nenagh Hospital

Nenagh Hospital

Hospital Chiefs at Nenagh Hospital here in North Co Tipperary, have been ordered to clean up their act by the Health Information and Quality Authority who found the building’s environment and equipment inspected as “generally unclean.”

Inspectors from the State health watchdog, (HIQA) have reported dusty and gritty bedsteads, dirty sinks, mouldy shower rooms, unfettered access to hazardous waste such as needles and syringes, soiled toilets and unclean floors all posing a risk to patients.

HIQA, during an unannounced examination of the hospital on September 5th last month, have reported that there was “much evidence” of the hospital breaching national hygiene standards, particularly in male ward.

The report highlights; stained bedsteads, unclean patient temperature devices, stained floors, crumbling and dusty wall surfaces, sticky glue residues on bedside lockers and faulty electrical fittings having severed wiring hanging free, together with soiled areas in patient toilets and shower areas.

In the ladies ward there were; dusty and gritty beds, unclean floors, a nearby corridor cluttered with specialist equipment being parked alongside laundry, sticky residue on an intravenous pump, unsecured access to needles, syringes and oral medications.

Inspectors also found black mould on sinks in shower rooms and toilets during their visit and hospital chiefs have now been given six weeks to produce a report on improvement plans which will be followed by an inspection in six months to assess progress.

Four other Irish hospitals were also the subject of unannounced examinations by HIQA.


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