Gold Coins Return Briefly To Tipperary

Charles II Gold Coin

Charles II Gold Coin

The 17th Century gold coin hoard found by workers during renovations to a building in Carrick-on-Suir Co Tipperary earlier this year, are back on South Tipperary soil for a one month-long exhibition.

The 81 coins (some 77 guineas and four half-guineas,) were found last January at Cooney’s Bar in the town and were identified as dating back from between 1664 (during the reign of King Charles II,) and 1701, (during the reign of William III).

The coins on loan from the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, will now become part of an exhibition at the Tipperary County Museum in Clonmel, for just one month.

The exhibition will be officially launched at Tipperary County Museum tomorrow at 7.30pm during Culture Night at the Museum. Admission to the launch is free.

In comparison North Tipperary Co Council, aided by indifference from our current FG & Labour elected TDs, and without any public discussion, turned down a similar opportunity for a visit by the Derrynaflan Hoard last year, latter which would have created some 300 full time & part time jobs here in Thurles.

Despite ample security and a modern currently underutilised exhibition space being available in Thurles, this exhibition was shelved, despite the fact that same would have attracted for the first time, the lucrative Coach Tour business to Thurles, later currently totally neglected as a tourist destination in this the year of “The Gathering.”

Ireland may be officially out of recession however I suspect Co Tipperary may have been left out of recent CSO figures which show that Ireland’s economy grew slightly by 0.4% between April and June.


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  • Michael

    What is going on in the background. Why can’t we get our Derrynaflan Hoard? If a gold coin fell from my pocket would the State take it up to Dublin and say that they own it.

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