Beware New ATM Scam In Operation

atmThurles and Co Tipperary Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) users please be warned and take serious note; the Irish Payment Services Organisation (IPSO) have warned that  criminals are using a new scam to obtain money from ATM’s and are particularly targeting older people and those appearing vulnerable.

The Scam involves thieves placing a device into the ATM’s card slot which then traps their chosen victim’s card inside the machine. The criminal will then loiter close by the ATM to see their chosen victim keying in their pin code.

The victim on realising that their ATM card is not coming out after they have carried out their cash withdrawal, is then approached by the criminal offering assistance and claiming that this problem has happened to them previously. They then pretend that they are removing the card from the machine, while they actually hand their victim back a substitute forged card.

Ulster Bank Thurles advise that people who may have been approached in this manner and who are unaware that their card may have been substituted, should immediately contact the Fraud Reporting LineTelephone 1800245403.


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  • Stephen Spratt

    Why aren’t the banks employing someone to regularly check machines which are attached to there buildings? Its a cruel joke, with all the unnecessary charges they have I am sure this service wouldn’t be seen as much of an overhead. But it does show that the banks have no “real” concern when it comes to the safety of thier customers accounts, which in my eyes paints them with the same brush as the criminals running this scam.
    I am picturing a plaque over the managers office that says:

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