Peregrine Falcons Shot Dead In South Tipperary

peregrine-falconThe National Parks, Wildlife Service and Gardaí are investigating the death of two Peregrine falcons and the serious injury of one other, which were nesting in the wild in South Tipperary.

One pair of falcons, which were deliberately and illegally shot dead, were nesting in church ruins near Lisronagh, Fethard in south Tipperary and their deaths have been described by bird watchers as an act of savagery.

At the time of the incidents there were young falcons at both nests which had just fledged, but were still dependent on the adults for food.

The Peregrine Falcon, which feeds almost exclusively on medium-sized birds such as pigeons and doves, waterfowl, songbirds, and waders, has a life span in the wild of up to 15.5 years.  Worldwide, it is estimated that between 1,500 and 2,000 bird species are predicated and thus naturally controlled by falcons. John F. Kennedy International Airport used specifically trained falcons for some 15 years to disperse smaller birds that tended to flock near its runways, thus preventing huge costs in maintenance and ensuring safety to passengers.

When feeding its young, the male falcon can pass prey it has caught, to the female in mid-air with the female actually flying upside down to receive this food from the male’s talons. Not surprisingly therefore studies of the peregrine falcon continues to plays an important part in the development of aircraft manufacture.

Falcons are the fastest birds on earth, with the peregrine falcon reaching speeds of over 320 kph.


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  • Michael

    Falcons eat birds, Humans eat birds. Below is a falcon exchanging food in mid-air.


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