Fingers Crossed For Glen of Aherlow Tipperary

The Glen of Aherlow (Irish: Gleann Eatharlaí,) is a picturesque valley nestling between Slievenamuck and the Galtee Mountains in the western part of South Tipperary in Ireland. The principal village, in this most beautiful of visual landscapes, is Lisvernane. Other adjacent centres of population are the villages of Galbally (on its western side), Kilross (on its north west front) and Bansha (commanding its eastern approach).

For Tipperary dwellers not surprisingly, this year (2013 ), judges from The Irish Times Best Place to Holiday in Ireland competition have chosen the Glen of Aherlow, Co Tipperary, from more than 1,400 entries from every county in Ireland and have placed it on their list as being one of the top five national places to visit and holiday this Summer.

Judges, demonstrating a strong preference for remote, unknown yet strikingly beautiful hidden locations, such as the Glen of Aherlow, reflect preferences which also recognise the wonderful work undertaken by local people in making the best of their natural and unspoilt resources.

A final result for this ongoing competition is expected this week.

(Music and Video comes courtesy of Trudi Lalor, with Lyrics written by Billy Morrissey.)


2 comments to Fingers Crossed For Glen of Aherlow Tipperary

  • Katie.

    George. At least a good bit of news for Tipperary. The Glen of Aherlow is certainly a beautiful place. George. How about Trudy Lalor what a voice. I hope George it is alright if I download her video the scenery brings back great memories. It will be great to show this video to our members. We have some great artists among us and I am sure the brushes will get very busy with that beautiful scenery.

    Thanks George for the memories.

    Katie and the members.

  • George Willoughby

    Hi Katie,
    To let you know the final result – The Glen of Aherlow won “Best Inland,” tourist attraction on the night, but narrowly missed out on an the overall No 1 spot. Great result!

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