Gold Coin Hoard Found In Tipperary

Charles II Gold Coin

Charles II Gold Coin

A hoard of some eighty one gold coins, described as a ‘significant’ discovery by the National Museum, has been found here in Co Tipperary.

The coins, made of pure gold and dating from the early 1600’s through to the early 1700’s, were discovered close to the foundations of a fire damaged pub on the Main Street in Carrick-on-Suir in South Tipperary.

The coins, which were located by workmen digging a support foundation at the licensed premises, following a fire, are described as being in excellent condition and were located without any form of wrapping or container, approximately two feet below the surface of the floor area.

A further search of the area by museum experts has located no other artefacts of significance.

The actual value of the coins found, now in the care of the National Museum in Dublin, have as yet to be estimated.

Local Police were called to the scene by employees who made this find, while working on the site.


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