President Obama May Return To Moneygall In 2013

It is rumoured that behind-the-scenes moves are currently being planned to arrange for US President Mr Barack Obama to attend one of a number of events being held this year to mark the 50th anniversary of former President John F. Kennedy’s Irish tour back in 1963.

Members of the Kennedy clan are expected in Ireland to oversee the official opening of a new John F. Kennedy visitor centre during this summer and this may coincide with President Obama’s expected visit to Co. Fermanagh for the G8 summit.

President Barack Obama’s Irish relative, Mr Henry Healy, (a cousin eight-times removed) latter who resides in Moneygall situated here on the Tipperary / Offaly border, recently attended the US Presidents Inauguration and Ball. Mr Healy has stated he knows the US President and Mrs Michelle Obama would greatly like to return to his ancestral home, having felt the warmth not just from the people of Moneygall, but from the Irish nation as a whole, following his last visit.


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  • Katie O.Connell. Knott (Ryan)

    George.I am at a loss as to exactly who I am. I have received 3 different birth certificates of people who are suppose to be me. Wonder if anyone in Thurles knows of these people.
    (1) Catherine Ryan born 1/4/1941 Mother Jane Ryan formerly Dwyer. Father John Ryan (Farmer) Gurteenamoe. Kathleen Mc Cormic assistant?
    (2) Catherine O.Connell born 20/7/1941 Father Patrick O Connell (ashill) Mother Catherine O Connell formerly Heffernan Labourer and registered birthdate.29/7/1941
    (3)Catherine O.Connell 18/8/1940 Father Daniel O.Connell Mother Johanna O.Connell formerly Ryan Knockmaroe Milestone Thurles.

    George I have also received 2 more one from Derrylogan and one Devora Ryan (THE WRITING IS VERY BAD) something about the County Home Cashel. Birthday 20/9/1940 and the most confusing of all. Kathleen Father (Joseph Molley) which is crossed out and replaced with Timothy Ryan Derrylogan. Mother Bridget Molley and again crossed out and replaced with Kathleen Ryan formerly Ryan Derrylogan 26/4/1940.

    George how could these people at the Birth and Death certificate office in Ireland make such a terrible mistake and send these to me on the other side of the world. I wonder George if anyone in Thurles or Cashel, Gurteenamoe, Kilpatrick.Littleton some of the names on these papers might know who these people might be. My Mother was Catherine (Kate) Ryan from Noard,Two Mile Borris. and my Father was John O’Connell from Ballingarry.
    George I must admit I laughed out loud when I received these papers!

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