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Tipperary ICSA & IFA Call For Laws To Identify Killer Dogs


The Tipperary Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers Association (ICSA) & The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) have both called for the introduction of compulsory micro-chipping of dogs & where necessary forensic testing. Their calls come in light of a number of extremely distressing dog attacks on sheep herds, over the Christmas season.

ICSA sheep committee chairman Mr Paul Brady has stated; “There has been a worrying number of horrific incidents of dogs killing and seriously injuring sheep, including pregnant ewes, in recent weeks.  Apart from the pain and stress inflicted on these animals, each attacks represents serious distress and financial loss to farmers. The ICSA see this problem as the only solution to a highly emotive and distressing rural problem.  We are confident that those who truly value their pets and working dogs will see this as a progressive initiative, designed to safeguard dogs and prevent distress, injury and death, while also bringing our current law into line with existing law in Northern Ireland, where presently all dogs must be micro-chipped.”

The Irish Farmers’ Association have stated that Gardaí and Dog Wardens should be now given emergency powers to confiscate animals believed to be involved in sheep kills. The Association says thousands of euro have been lost to the farming community here in the Midlands and West of Ireland over Christmas because of attacks by, in some cases, unlicensed dogs travelling in packs. They have called on the Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Simon Coveney, T.D. to allow Gardaí the authority to remove suspected animals, for forensic testing.

The IFA’s National Sheep Chairman, Mr James Murphy has stated that he is taking calls on a frequent basis from sheep farmers around Ireland who have suffered huge losses from such dog attacks.


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