Major Fire At Thurles Bus Depot

As we speak, news is just coming in regarding a major fire at Thurles Bus depot, situated on Abbey Rd Thurles, beside Thurles railway station. Police and members of the North Tipperary fire brigade are in place attempting to control the blaze.

Factual information is not available presently as to the cause of this outbreak, however we will bring you further details as same becomes known.

Photo courtesy Mr Pat Corbett


4 comments to Major Fire At Thurles Bus Depot

  • Rona

    I walked by those very buses about two weeks ago.The emergency door of 1 was wide open and the other smashed to pieces. Facing the street too – not surprised some bright spark (sorry no pun intended) set it on fire. No-one around to tell and no contact details anywhere in sight. Looks to me like someones trying to get some money back on the banjaxed buses. Noxious fumes very concerning.

  • Dick Ryan

    This town is gone to the bad. Too many scum bags going around with nothing better to do.They dont give a damn about anything or anyone. But if it was their car or bus then im sure they wouldnt be long about looking for compo from the government.

  • Chris

    Bus Éireann buses are not insured and they can’t claim loss/damage. As for carriage of passengers Bus Éireann has its own fund of multiple millions set aside to cover accidents/loss/injury etc. So unfortunately these buses are wrote off and unless Bus Éireann take a civil suit against the arsonists they will receive nothing from the state to replace them. These buses were withdrawn but were going to be sold.

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