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International Credit Union Day – Oct 18th

Thurles Credit Union Ltd will celebrate International Credit Union Day, (18th October next.) by hosting a Tea & Coffee morning in aid of MS Ireland (Tipperary Branch).

This year’s theme is “Members Matter Most.” This is the clear and simple message which summarises the very existence of credit unions. In the face of all challenges, credit unions have always existed to serve their membership.

Members Matter Most – The Credit Union Difference

Thurles Credit Union has served the local community for the last 51 years. Last year this credit union gave out 5,722 loans to the community which constituted €10,573,487 in value. That means that many families benefited directly from lending services last year. Over the last year 410 new members joined, which is a very noticeable sign that people are moving away from banks and towards credit unions.

Thurles Credit Union offers something different. They provide affordable loans and a safe place for savings.

At no cost to eligible members they also provide:-
Loan Protection Insurance on loansthat means in the event of death your credit union loan dies with you and is not passed to your estate.
Life Savings Insurancethat means that in the event of your death, next of kin will not only receive your savings but also an additional lump sum on top of that which has been built up over the term of your membership.
Nomination facilitymembers over 16 years of age can nominate a person (or persons) to receive his/her property in the credit union on his/her death. This is of benefit if the member dies without leaving a will as the property left in the credit union will not have to pass through the sometimes timely intestacy process.

Thurles Credit Union Supporting Your Local Community

In the midst of many banks closing their local branches, the continued presence of the credit union in the community is of vital importance. While providing much needed local access to financial services, the credit union also has an ethos of supporting local initiatives. Thurles Credit Union has maintained its investment in the community by sponsoring/supporting various local sporting, educational and community groups.

Thurles Credit Union is proud of the role it continues to play in being more than a financial institution but a valuable resource to its community and its people. Michael Harty, Loans & Marketing Officer of Thurles Credit Union said: “Because of our members, credit unions are able to play a vital role in the development and financial stability of the communities we serve by providing fair loans and high quality services to our members. Our strength lies in our difference and we are very proud of this fact.

So remember to drop in and say hello & put a note on your fridge door – International Credit Union Day, 18th October next, a Tea & Coffee Morning in aid of MS Ireland (Tipperary Branch).


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