Tipperary Retail Excellence Ireland Review – Tipperary 2012

Towns in Tipperary failed to make the top 25 of the 2012 review, carried out by Retail Excellence Ireland (REI).

All towns reviewed nationally were rated on factors relating:- Car Parking & Costs, Restaurants and Public Houses, the choice of availability of Retail Stores,  Safety,  and Retailer Friendliness. REI stopped short of naming & shaming the ‘bottom 25′ of the 100 towns surveyed, instead breaking the bottom 75 towns and cities into second, third and fourth quartiles.

See how Co Tipperary fared, highlighted in RED:-


The top 25 towns and cities (See lists above) all had a balanced mix of trading retailers driving customer footfall, thus giving the towns and cities their individual character and personality. While this retail mix was deemed of importance, it was also clear that access to available car parking, at the right price, was also a major attraction for consumers, latter who are prepared to travel even long distances to towns which offer such values.

Two other statistics were also noteworthy:- (A) Better performing towns in this review had all competed successfully in Tidy Towns competitions, perhaps indicating that strong community spirit was vital to town centre growth. Westport for example, which came first, has won the Tidy Towns awards three times in the last ten years. (B) None of the towns which fared best have been exposed to significant out-of-town planning, thus confirming the need for commercial activity to be confined to Tipperary town centres.

Mr Keith Rogers, chairman of Retail Excellence Ireland, stated: “We need to demand our towns have the right ingredients with a suitable mix of convenience, grocery, fashion, health, eateries, public houses and entertainment to ensure citizens are engaged with their civic space and in turn they then support their local town.”

Mr Cormac Kennedy, chairperson of the REI Town and City Revival Committee, believes that the survey can act as a road map for all towns and cities to improve. Mr Kennedy stated “Ultimately, the report gives the feedback from each town’s shoppers and business community so their views should be taken on board. The availability of parking offering good value for money is an important factor for shoppers. In fact, shoppers will determine where they will go shopping purely on the basis of car parking facilities.

This survey is the largest survey of its kind ever undertaken in Ireland and comprised discussion with 16,000 members of the public and business owners in the 100 towns listed.


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