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Thurles Fresh Milk Sponsor Tipperary Mini Marathon

Our picture above shows:- Mr Joe Kerrigan (CEO Thurles Fresh Milk) presenting sponsorship for the 2012 Tipperary Women’s Mini Marathon to Elaine Cullinan (Co-ordinator North Tipperary Sports Partnership) with Vincent Foley (Tipperary Sports Disability Officer), and Valerie Connolly (South Tipperary Sports Partnership).

As you all already know the 2012 Tipperary Women’s Mini Marathon will be held in Thurles on Sunday September 30th next & the route for this year’s event is as follows:-

2012 Tipperary Women’s Mini Marathon Route

Route Location:  Note Map: The race begins, travelling north east, on the Jimmy Doyle bridge and then turns right, travelling onto the Templemore road, before heading south east back for Thurles. Entering Liberty Square from Rossa Street and go across heading south out onto the Horse and Jockey road to the Archrstown cross at the top of Thurles Golf links. Here turn left, go across this road and turn left onto the Littleton Road. Head back to Thurles travelling westward along the Mill road, before turning left and southward at the Two Mile Borris roundabout. Back up to Liberty Square, turning across the centre of the square and out Rossa Street, heading westward again. Head out the Brittas road to turn left for LIT. Continue over the Jimmy Doyle Bridge, then in through the rear gates of LIT to finish on the area at the far end of the car-park.

Recognise and mark your progress on the route by printing off the following information:-

1.1Km, after the end of the tarmac on the cycle lane at LIT side of Jimmy Doyle Bridge.
1Km, 9.8m, before ESB L/S 12 at Thurles Co-Op on the Templemore road.
2Km, At the LH Column at entrance to the Town House Deli on Slivenamonn road.
3Km, 1m, after gate pier to Private house on the Horse and Jockey road.
4Km, 42.7m, after the advanced junction sign on the Horse and Jockey road outside the Golf Club.
5Km, 2.5m, before the Yield sign for the Littleton road on the Archerstown Rd.
6Km, in line with LH gate pier to private house after O’Driscoll’s carpark and after lane on left.
7Km, 1.3m, after RH stone pier to wicked gate of private house at the Two-Mile-Borris junction.
8Km, in line with LH column at entrance to House of Elegance on Liberty Square.
9Km, 11.7m, before the advanced junction sign for the new road on the Brittas road.
10Km, finish, centre of 2nd carpark island in from LIT back gates.

This event will feature over 1,000 runners, walkers & joggers all taking part and making it the largest Tipperary Women’s Mini Marathon to date. Well done to all concerned.


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