Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep Stolen In Littleton Tipperary

Were you in Littleton, Tipperary on Monday evening last around 5.00pm?   Photo courtesy M.Bannon

Thurles Gardaí are appealing for any information regarding the theft of a Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep containing a white Sheep Dog, from outside a premises in Littleton, Co Tipperary on Monday evening last.

When stolen, the Jeep carried the registration plates 03-D-18556.

The vehicle was taken from outside a house in the village, at about 5.00pm – 5.30pm on the evening in question, while the owner went briefly inside.  (The red dot on above picture, marks the area where the Jeep was last parked.) Two young men were later seen travelling at high speed in the Jeep and it would appear that the vehicle was possibly driven to Laharden and across by Ballyerk.

A  sheepdog, with white body and black head, who answers to the name “Nellie,” and who had accompanied the driver, is now also missing.  The owner is particularly concerned and upset for his dog’s safety and welfare. So if you see a stray sheepdog in your area with the above identifying marks, please do call Thurles Gardaí at Tel: 0504 25100.

It is believed that the Jeep may have been also observed at the Turpike & Mary Willies Crossroads at around 5.20pm.

Someone may unwittingly have seen the theft of this vehicle or indeed may have noticed a neighbour who has come into the possession, rather suddenly, of a black Mitsubishi Pajero 03 Jeep.

Persons who were in any of the areas mentioned in this text, are asked to please study the above picture closely, and call Thurles Gardaí at Tel: 0504 25100 with any information, which will be treated in confidence.


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  • Michael

    The country is gone mad because there is no REAL punishment for the law breakers when they are caught .

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