TheGamingLiberty Website Hosts Quinton Flynn

Quinton Flynn

This weekend the second annual Irish Video Game, Music, Anime and Comic Book Convention “ARCADE-CON,” takes place in the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin, and Thurles, Co.Tipperary based award winning Irish video game website “,” will be hosting a unique live panel interview event with the convention’s very special guest star, the acclaimed American voice actor Mr. Quinton Flynn.

Quinton Flynn is one of the biggest names in modern voice-over and is truly honoured to bring Quinton here to Dublin for ARCADE-CON,” said TGL’s co-founder Thurles born Shane Willoughby.

Quinton has voiced some of the most celebrated characters in this generations popular culture, including Spider-Man & Johnny Quest and has contributed to everything from Aladdin, to the Lion King. However he is best known to gamers as the voice of “Raiden,” in the award winning Metal Gear Solid series, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year,” Shane continued.

ARCADE-CON, which is expected to attract huge crowds of gaming enthusiasts from both home and abroad, kicks off today, Friday, and will continue until Sunday next.

For further details head over to the TheGamingLiberty website (click HERE) or to the official ARACDE-CON website (Click HERE ) for continuous updates.


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