Fine Gael Ard Fheis – Where Is The Fairness?

US President Barack Obama today called on the American Congress to pass the “Buffett Rule,” a principle that ensures that millionaires and billionaires do not pay less in taxes as a share of their income, than middle class families pay, as a matter of fairness.

At the Fine Gael Ard Fheis today, Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan said “a country is not just an economy, it is about people.” He described the building blocks of the economy as “stability, confidence and fairness.” He said everything should be about “better.” The minister told delegates that the burden in relation to our economy will have to fall evenly on people, and those who are strongest will have to contribute most and those who are weakest will have to be protected.

Two Questions For Minister Michael Noonan

  1. Was the Household Charge, introduced by Minister Phil Hogan, based on income and ability to pay?
  2. Where were the building blocks of fairness, when a majority of law abiding Tipperary householders, today, were forced to break the law?

Do the right thing. In your own words “treat all of the children of the nation equally.” Cancel this ridiculous, unplanned and unfair attack on low income earners. Enda Kenny has previously twice made reference to publishing ‘Report Cards,‘ on the work of each of his Ministers and it must now be obvious to him that Phil Hogan does not have the basic ability to carry on the work, taxpayers require of his office.

We also don’t envy success here in Tipperary. We also aspire to it. But we also believe that anyone who does well for themselves should pay their fair share in return, so that more people are given the opportunity to get ahead, not just a few.


2 comments to Fine Gael Ard Fheis – Where Is The Fairness?

  • Michael

    Phil Hogan doesn’t know what fairness means.


  • Chris

    George did you hear about Enda Kenny saying that we will all have to pay €300 for a water meter. It is getting to dictatorship. Some people are struggling on €188 whilst trying to pay a mortgage on property that will never be worth the money they borrowed ever again. household charge, increased VAT on goods the list is endless on all the stuff people can’t afford to pay. And four more years of it.

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