Holycross Reunited With Stolen Relic Of True Cross

Relic of the True Cross

A gold and bronze crucifix, containing what is believed to be a piece of the True Cross, on which Jesus was crucified and which was stolen from a locked display case in Holycross Abbey, Thurles, Co Tipperary, by three men some four months ago, has now been returned.

The relic, which is of little commercial value, but of huge spiritual value to many christians, is understood not to have been seriously damaged. The separate theft of a 14th century silver cross containing two crosses and two dark stones, that was also taken in this raid, have also been returned.

It is understood that Gardai uncovered the relics during a planned search of property in the Midlands on Monday last and came accross the relics in an open field.

Asking for prayers, Parish priest Fr Tom Breen had informed many local parishioners and visitors that he was optimistic the crosses would find their way back home.

Fr Breen paid particular tribute to the Gardaí, on their professionalism in retrieving the relic, which attracts some 250.00 visitors each year to the Abbey.

Situated on the River Suir (Abhainn na Siúire) Holycross Abbey takes its name from this now reunited relic of the Holy Rood.

Local parishioners, all who have been praying daily for news of its whereabouts, are understandably overjoyed by the relic’s return.


2 comments to Holycross Reunited With Stolen Relic Of True Cross

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    Great news George about the stolen relics been returned. You see what prayer can do.

  • It’s great news Katie, many prayed and those who didn’t pray certainly cursed the offenders. As my grandmother used to say “God is good and the devil is not a bad fellow either.” (Always sure to ‘hedge her bets.’ was my grandmother.)

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