More Job Losses Expected In Thurles

There are fears tonight for the future of 30 jobs in Thurles, following plans to close the former Liam Carroll Transport Depot.

MasterLink Logistics, with established warehousing in Dublin, Cork & Galway, who took over some of the work of the failed Liam Carroll Transport Depot in 2010, are understood to have informed their staff this week that the Cabra, plant in Thurles, Co Tipperary, will close with effect from January 29th next.

Former owners of the Liam Carroll Transport Group, which ceased trading over night, due to bad debts and the economic downturn, were immediately taken over by Masterlink Logistics, who stepped into the breach, confirming that it would be recruiting possibly 70 of the then 119 employees, then left jobless as a direct result of Liam Carroll Transports closure.

Reason for the closure of this Masterlink Depot, however is uncertain, but expensive diesel levies, carbon taxes and the lack of any real industry in Thurles, together with a lack of any political will regarding real job creation in the town, a policy carried over from the previous government, are identified as the most likely cause.

Following the Governments Budget announcements of the 6th of December, the Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) had expressed extreme disappointed with the failure, to acknowledge the licensed road haulage industry and the contribution the sector made to the overall economy. The Association’s pre-budget submissions were understood to be very practical and had same been implemented, would have resulted in an overall net gain for the Irish exchequer.

Our three local elected politicians to-date, have remained silent over this now expected closure.


2 comments to More Job Losses Expected In Thurles

  • Francis

    Thurles is an exit town GMX JOBST, SUGAR FACTORY, TIPP CEREALS, TIPP CANDY, C AND C, SABLE, AIRPORT CLOTHING & EIRN FOODS. Our concillors are photogenic instead of energenic.

  • Francis, I totally agree, Thurles is a “Ghost Estate,” so we are not required by law to pay ‘Household charges,’to Mr Hogan.

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