Tipperary Senior Hurling Team 2011 Homecoming

The Tipperary Senior Hurling Team Homecoming will take place at 7:30pm this evening (Monday|) in Semple Stadium.

A large crowd is expected to turn out to welcome back their heroes, who proudly represented Co. Tipperary so gallantly against our major rivals Kilkenny yesterday in Croke Park.

Despite their defeat yesterday, Tipperary people will wish to show their support to the men, who wore the ‘blue and gold,’ with such pride all year, and who gave us so much sporting enjoyment.

So if you are travelling by road, do expect some traffic disruption around the Thurles area later this evening, particularly west of the town.


2 comments to Tipperary Senior Hurling Team 2011 Homecoming

  • Paul Murphy

    I am very disappointed on Tipp hurling result. I still think they could have won if they had worked together which did not happen on the day. I watched them very closely before the match they had not got the hunger for winning. I knew after the Dublin match things would have to change dramatictly, but this did not happen. We all knew that Kilkenny would close down our goal chances, there should have been a plan. Lar corbet never showed up for the homecoming in Semple, disapointed about this, he didn’t play well at all on the day. Brendan Maher should have been given the start, this was a fatal mistake, the pressure on this guy was terrible when he came on, bound to affect his play. Hope things can be sorted out. My gut feeling tells me something is wrong in the camp and hope this can be worked out. The guys need to work hard or move on and let the young guys through. Devoted fan.

  • Pa brunch

    Bring back Liam Sheedy

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