Thurles Residents Rightly Demand Respect

Thurles: 6.00am following a Nenagh Debutants Ball earlier this week.

In a letter to the Tipperary Star newspaper this week, local Thurles resident, Mary MacMahon, confirms what this website highlighted on March 2nd and  August 3rd last, condemning the lack of respect for Thurles town, it’s business people and it’s residents.

Mary’s photograph, showed toilet rolls strewn around the car park area, further highlighting this serious and recurring latest problem.

People shouting and screaming, urinating in doorways, the endless blasting of car horns, motorists racing up and down the streets or performing hand brake turns in Lidl car-park, the endless rubbish dumped from fast food outlets together with broken glasses and bottles dumped onto our streets or into private gardens, all now contributing to a new phenomenon and an observable fact, to those who love our town.

Name And Shame

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Our picture above, show the state of Thurles streets following a recent visit by outside students from Nenagh celebrating their Leaving Cert results. It seems that in the course of their 11 years of publicly funded education, no one explained that Third Level Grant aid is not provided personally by County Councillors and Government Ministers, as they would have us believe, but by taxpaying business people, whom they grievously offended this week, by interfering with their personal property.

Supermac’s in Liberty Square, through their nightly trading, indirectly add much to Thurles town’s litter problems on our main street. Indeed early morning walkers inform us that the footpath outside this food retail outlet, resembles sticky ‘flypaper,’ with ignored, discarded chips, and chicken nuggets, trodden into and carpeting the sidewalk.

Tesco's Emmett Street entrance every night.

We also have reports that Tesco are following the old medieval tradition of emptying their dirty cleaning water, each evening, unto Emmett Street, at the rear of their Liberty Square premises, thus further enhancing their already graffiti ridden exterior walls and their publicaly displayed cardboard recycling station. This germ filled water then enters directly into the river Suir or is distributed around the town on the wheels of motorised vehicles, thus confirming Tesco’s stated watch words, “Everything you will find in the supermarket and much more.” (Possibly should have said nothing as they will now probably dump this germ filled liquid, directly into the river.)

Question: Where are the C.C. TV cameras, to which we all contributed through local Thurles Chamber fundraising events over the last number of years, and which have also been promised annually year after year by Thurles Town Council ?

True for my wise old grandmother, “Sure idle hands eventually become the Devil’s workshop.”  If you want to judge the cleanliness of an establishment, said she, check their toilet facilities. “If their public toilet is filthy, can you just imagine what their private kitchen must look like.

We have needed changes to our law for a long time now, so is it not time for Minister Alan Joseph Shatter to introduce Community Service, under the supervision of Probation Officers and also to introduce a law making parents responsible for young offenders actions? Remember just one prisoner in our jails currently costs Irish taxpayer, on average, €70,000 each per year. Spending cuts to be made here Minister, and like you state on your website, we also “Look Forward With Hope.”

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  • Pat

    Approval for CCTV for Thurles was approved in August, 2007 by Pobal. The application here was made by Thurles Chamber and not by Thurles Town Council. This is a Thurles Chamber project. Perhaps you should contact Thurles Chamber for an update. I agree totally that CCTV is a necessity for Thurles and a four year delay is not acceptable.

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