Tipperary Beat Dublin In Mighty Battle

Today’s Hurling semi-final at Croke Park, between Tipperary and Dublin ended as was expected. What possibly was not expected, however, was Dublin’s complete refusal to just show up and take an expected beating from the All-Ireland champions, thus giving Tipperary an easy path to a September 4th showdown with Kilkenny. Tipperary expected a good scrap, and Daly’s men did not let them down.

In front of 45,563 supporters, scoring began in the third minute from start, when Tipperary hit a long ball forward and Dublin defenders allowed the ever elusive Lar Corbett past, to stroke the ball into the back of the Dublin net. Immediate indications were now that this match would be a repeat of the Tipp versus Waterford game. Big mistake. An accurate strike from Alan McCrabbe near the touchline, followed by a point from Liam Rushe and a point from an ensuing free quickly got Dublin back to equal the scoring. A combination of a breaking ball from Brendan Cummins’ puck-out saw Lar Corbett knocks over another point, but Dublin through John McCaffrey again evened the odds.

Tipperary’s Eoin Kelly point from the 45-metre mark is again quickly answered by Dublin’s Liam Ryan. Another Eoin Kelly point put the Premier back in front again, but Dublin’s Paul Ryan once again balanced the scoreboard. Paul Ryan’s 2 points and Dotsy O’Callaghan’s one point put Dublin in front. Tipperary’s Patrick Maher, Lar Corbett answer back, each with a point. It is now quite obvious to all that this game is not going to be a repeat of the Tipp versus Waterford match and Dublin intend business. Further points from Paul Ryan, Corbett, John O’Brien, McCormack, Gearoid Ryan sees the half time score equal for both teams, with Tipperary 1-08 to Dublin 0-11.

The second half saw Brendan Maher replace Seamus Callinan for Tipperary, while Maurice O’Brien replaced Dublin’s Conor McCormack.

Noel McGrath and Eoin Kelly quickly open the scoring with a point each for Tipperary, latter point scored from a 65. Maurice O’Brien, and Paul Ryan, retaliate giving Dubin’s players and supporters a real belief that this just might be their year. Dublin were justified in this belief up to the 50th minute, with the score reading Tipperary 1-12 Dublin 0-15.

Over the next 22 minutes however, Michael Carton’s high challenge, allowed Eoin Kelly to increase Tipperary’s score and together with points from Gearoid Ryan, Noel McGrath and Padraic Maher, Tipperary soon increased their edge and Dublin players begin to struggle in their efforts to make it into the Premier’s goal area.

For Dublin, this semi-final was just not to be, for this year at least, with Tipperary adding just that extra bit of class to play, a class that only comes with big game experience. Dublin, however, while experiencing an honourable defeat today, have at last confirmed their arrival as true future hurling contenders.

Tipperary will now progress to the All-Ireland Hurling Championship final against Kilkenny on September 4th, with their final score of Tipperary 1-19,  Dublin 0-18, and Dublin, just for now, must remain 3rd in the queue.


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