Wetland Writers Inaugural Meeting Thurles

Wetland Writers

Have you ever had the idea you would love to write a book, a short story perhaps, or maybe write about and leave behind details of your early life, your experiences, the highs and lows of your life and times. Maybe shyness or a lack of self confidence has held you back.

Well, no more excuses are now acceptable, because on Thursday, the 8th of September next, 8.00pm sharp, the inaugural meeting of “Wetland Writers” will take place at Cabragh Wetlands, Thurles, Co Tipperary.

This group will welcome, with open arms, all comers and hope to see current authors, aspiring writers, reciters or just listeners joining their group.

Whatever your favourite genre, be it poetry, verse, essay, short story, comedy, novel, theatre, factual writing, compilation of thoughts, ideas or memories, it will be an exciting experience to find a platform for your expression, and you never know, perhaps a ‘cupan tae,’ will be thrown in, to assist, evoke and inspire the Muses.

Perhaps there may be a J. K. Rowling, a Jeff Doyle or a Robert Hass waiting, screaming to be realised down through the nib of your pen, and all that is needed is just a little help and encouragement.

Interested – Then why not contact: Joan Pollard Carew, Tel: 086 8718819  or Una Crowe, Tel: 087 7930319.


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