Public Order Arrests Increasing In Tipperary

It appears the number of people arrested for public order offenses around Tipperary seems to be on the increase, according to information posted on the TippFM website. More than 20 arrests were made for offences in recent days, with the largest number of offences taking place in Nenagh where 8 people were arrested.

The following is a list of towns and the number of people arrested in recent days;

  • Nenagh – 8 people were arrested
  • Clonmel – 5 people were arrested
  • Thurles – 4 people were arrested
  • Tipperary Town – 2 people were arrested
  • Templemore – 1 person was arrested

The exact details of the arrests made in Thurles is unclear at the moment, but if you would like to know more about what constitutes a public order offence, the Citizen’s Information website provides a useful page about Public Order Offences and Powers of Arrest.


1 comment to Public Order Arrests Increasing In Tipperary

  • Michael

    The whole world is getting more violent every day.
    It was a different world to live in 60 years ago.
    I’m lucky I’m an auld lad. I’ll be gone when it really gets bad.

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