Good Herdsmen Ltd Win German Organic Beef Contract

Organic Beef

Good Herdsmen Ltd, the Cahir Co.Tipperary based organic meat producer, has just agreed a major contract with a German company to supply organic beef to be used in the manufacture of baby food. All beef to be supplied under this contract will be under 30 months old and will undergo rigorous testing for quality and safety standards.

Good Herdsmen Ltd which was founded in 1989 by Josef Finke and John Purcell, to co-ordinate the supply, processing and marketing of organic meat in Ireland, today represents the production of over 200 certified organic farmers and has grown to become the largest dedicated organic meat processor in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Approximately 50% of the companies production remains in Ireland and can be obtained in most Irish multiples and many independently owned quality food stores and restaurants. Outside of Ireland ‘Good Herdsmen,’ continues to service upmarket retailer centres in London and regularly dispatch supplys to manufacturing markets on the continent.

Good Herdsmen Ltd will now require a minimum additional 700 organic beef cattle each year, to supply beef to this German company, of which most will be processed into casseroles, beef stews, and other dishes.

Taking into account that annual organic cattle slaughter in Ireland is about 5,000 animals presently, this new contract will now amount to almost 14% of Ireland’s total national kill.

Director of Good Herdsmen Ltd, Thurles native, Mr John Purcell, stated that the first supplies of organic beef will be delivered to Germany later this month following a week-long inspection of their processing plant at Cahir, here in Co Tipperary.

Other Tipperary Farming Related News

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Tipperary Co-Op’s cheese division has also performed strongly during 2010 with total cheese sales, inclusive of its French subsidiary Tippagral, latter a key element of the companies cheese strategy, amounting to almost 15,000 tonnes.
This Co-Op also manufactures specialised products for the Irish Dairy Board’s Kerrygold Brand range and has continued to grow and strengthen its position as one of the key suppliers to the Kerrygold lactic butter market in Germany.


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