Teacher Recruitment – Can We Help?

The following circular (C 0031/2011) was issued to the Managerial Authorities of Recognised Primary, Secondary, Community and Comprehensive Schools and the Chief Executive Officers of Vocational Education Committees last week, regarding teacher recruitment.

It reads:


The Minister for Education and Skills directs you to implement the regulations and procedures regarding the employment of qualified registered teachers in approved teaching posts funded by monies provided by the Oireachtas.

This circular is issued in exercise by the Minister of his powers under section 24 of the Education Act 1998.

The purpose of this circular is to ensure, as far as practicable, that people appointed to teach are registered teachers with qualifications appropriate to the sector and suitable to the post for which they are employed and that unemployed teachers are offered employment in preference to those who have retired.

It is applicable to all appointments made on or after 1 September 2011. This circular supersedes all previous circulars, memoranda, rules and regulations in relation to this area, including Circular 40/2010. Please ensure that copies of this circular are provided to all members of the Board of Management/Vocational Education Committee and its contents are brought to the attention of all people employed in teaching posts in your employment, including those on leave of absence.

This Circular can be accessed on the Department’s website by clicking HERE

Here at, we now invite qualified Primary and Secondary teachers, who are available for Substitute Work, not only here in the environs of Thurles , but also in the greater Tipperary Area, to submit their contact details, by using the Contact Us Tag on top of our homepage.

Your details will then be placed on view on a special Teachers Directory Page, available to the Managerial Authorities of all Tipperary Schools.

To enable us to assist you, we require only your Name, Qualification (e.g. State Primary or Secondary Teacher, and subject qualified to teach if applicable.) Telephone Number and/or E-mail Address. Private postal addresses are not required.

If sufficient interest is shown by unemployed teachers, this new Teacher Directory will be created by, whose sole aim is to serve and support unemployed qualified people in our local and county community.

Please Note:

Thurles.Info will not be responsible for the integrity of data provided by personnel who choose to avail of registeration in this proposed website directory. It is the school/employer’s responsibility to verify the identity, qualifications and suitability of substitute teachers. In any case where there is doubt, substitute teachers are required to provide the necessary evidence for verification and suitability checking and should have immediately, to hand, the following:-
(1) A copy of their teaching qualification certificate etc.
(2) Photo identification (e.g. driving licence or passport.)
(3) PPS Number.
(4) Contact details of all relevant recent employers for independent reference checking.


1 comment to Teacher Recruitment – Can We Help?

  • Paul

    This sounds like a good idea, the Teachers Directory Page and similar ideas have existed for a while now, its good to see them going ahead. Hopefully this will be a success.

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