Korean TV Documentary To Feature Thurles

Sunyoung Lee, Film Coordinator and Ji-Dong Joo who visited Thurles recently.

Representatives of Munhwa Broadcasting Corp (MBC) visited Thurles recently with a view to making a two part film documentary for South Korean broadcasting, based on the Irish Potato.

The representatives, led by Miss Sunyoung Lee, Film Crew Coordinator, were met by a member of the new Tipperary tourism group ‘Hidden Tipperary,’ headed by George Willoughby and taken to lunch, courtesy of  Mr Frank Mulcahy at the Anner Hotel, Thurles, before being shown points of interest within the Thurles area, including St. Mary’s Famine museum.

MBC’s Wonju City film crew have now confirmed that they will be filming in Thurles, on the afternoon of Thursday June 16th next.

The populous Wonju City, which is 140 km (90 Miles) east of Seoul is in the province of Kangwon-do (6,522.81 Sq Meters) and also known worldwide as being historically one of the most sophisticated and finest food and cuisine areas in Korea. Wonju city is home to three major universities which attract many students from Seoul and elsewhere.

The city is home to two U.S. Army bases, Camps ‘Long,’ and ‘Eagle.’ An active foreign population of English teachers currently live in Wonju and frequent the many wonderful restaurants and bars within the city. Wonju is also within 20 km of two ski resorts, Hyundai Sungwoo and Oak Valley, which attract many foreign visitors throughout the ski season and provide a range of runs for beginners and for the more experienced skier and snowboarders, who frequent the area. The city is also home to one of Korea’s top basketball teams.

Recently Wonju City was appointed as a ‘Seed Potato Provider,’ for Eastern countries in Asia, and MBC, as the Regional Broadcasting Media are charged with delivering in-depth documentary feature films on the stories behind national branded potato and cuisines in other countries, with Ireland and Germany targeted as being the coverage destinations.

Two areas in Thurles have been identified to be featured in the upcoming documentary. These are Inch House, who grow most of their own organic vegetables to supply their own legendary restaurant and St. Mary’s Famine Museum, who tell the tale of a less enjoyable side to the history of our beloved Irish potato.

Photo Courtesy: George Willoughby


1 comment to Korean TV Documentary To Feature Thurles

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George, I am certain the Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. (MBC) was here a couple of years ago broadcasting from the GAA at Ippswitch Qld. on St,Patricks Day.It will be great for Thurles if these are the same people they do an excellent job.George I had given to me yesterday a fantastic amount of recordings of some lovely old Irish songs including the late Frank Patterson and so many more fantastic old Irish songs.You bet they will be heard all over Qld, when we have our Barbacue. George I was talking to many Irish expats the other day we would love if you or someone from “Hidden Tipperary’ would come up with a good slogan for the Tea shirts we plan on wearing on the day. We got black tea shirts so come on Thurles Tourism with some good advertising slogans try and include ‘Hidden Tipperary’in the slogan.It will be a great way to advertise Thurles.

    Katie and the Gang.

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