Lar Outside – New Song From Johnny B and the Boogie Men

Johnny B and the Boogie Men have just released a fantastic new song and video called Lar Outside! This song follows on from their very successful hit last year called Premier Rap which everybody loved, including our sporting rivals. The new song is once again all about our great Tipperary hurling team and Lar Corbett in particular. The video has only just been put up on YouTube but already it has had over 40,000 views. You can check out the video below, it rocks!

To view more info about Mickey ‘The Rattler’ Byrne, a Tipperary hurling legend mentioned in the video, you can check out a recent post we did on his new book called ‘The Rattler’.

Well done to Johnny B and The Boogie Men, this song is going to be huge. You can expect to hear ‘Lar Outside’ on local radio stations like TippFM and even national radio. Here’s to Tipperary winning this years All Ireland Hurling Championship.

C’mon Tipp!!


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