Irish Rail Increase Prices In Thurles By Over 100%

Prices nationwide during April 2011 rose 3.2% higher than during April last year. This rise in personal commodity prices marks the 19th successive month of increases in inflation, with household bills being the main contributor to these increases.

Irish Rail increase ticket price by over 100%

Inflation in Ireland is at its highest level since October 2008, when inflation topped 4%. Phone, broadband and health costs rose by 4%, while electricity, gas and fuel prices were 11.8% higher and goods and services rose almost 9%.

But here in Thurles, Irish Rail (Iarnród Éireann) the national railway system, subsidised by the taxpayer, “beat the band,” by raising their on line train ticket prices from Thurles to Monasterevin by over 100% and not a murmur from our daily commuters. (I always knew there was no shortage of money in Thurles.)

From Thurles to Monasterevin on 16th January 2011 and prior, rail tickets booked on line cost  €10 plus an extra €2 for using Laser Cards and €3 for using other major credit card. (Sure we haven’t paid the banks near enough money yet.)

On March 17th 2011 (St Patrick’s Day, Irelands National Holiday,) tickets booked on line increased in cost by 50% to €15, plus the afore mentioned charges for using Laser and Credit Cards.

On May 6th 2011 Irish Rail again (without even blushing), raised their on line booking prices for the same journey from Thurles to Monasterevin to €21.50, plus the same charges when you pay by Laser and Credit Card.

So lets do the sums:-
January 2011 Thurles to Monasterevin tickets booked on line cost €10.00 plus compulsory use of Laser card €2.00.
May 6th 2011 Thurles to Monasterevin tickets booked on line cost €21.50 plus compulsory use of Laser card €2.00.

The extra cost, to daily commuters using Irish Rail’s morning 6.10 am service, to get about their business, has now increased by €11 per day or €55 per working week, travelling one way, based on this daily fare.

One regular commuter has now choosen to stay in a Four Star En Suite Bed and breakfast in Monasterevin, which charges him just €35 and includes a full Irish Breakfast, (Not to mention an extra 1.5 hours in bed) rather than as he states ” Allow myself to be robbed in broad daylight by Irish Rail.”

Incidentally a trip from Thurles to Dublin is only €0.50 pence more expensive.  These prices are obviously being charged to allay expenses for “Are you our Smartest Commuter?” Nice one Iarnród Éireann, to hell with service, the availability of broadband, a cup of coffee that doesn’t taste like slop, canteen staff that are discourteous, let’s promote getting our customers better dressed.

Still, now with TD’s using this service, people should really make a better effort with their “Makeup” in the morning.

Thurles.Info is sending a copy of this post to the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Mr Leo Varadkar T.D. and we will be posting a copy of the Ministers explanation, when same is received, (on the same day).

Bejesus isn’t email great.


2 comments to Irish Rail Increase Prices In Thurles By Over 100%

  • The “FIRST CLASS” passengers won’t notice. They have lots of money.

    The “LOWER CLASS” passengers (like me) notice a Major difference.

  • Chris

    €46 to Dublin in the Thurles station is robbery. Its only €34 return from Waterford to Heuston station. It gives everywhere else an unfair advantage as we don’t have Bus Eireann to compete with the trains.

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