ESB Plan Fast-Charge Point For EV’s In Cashel

Ford Transit Electric Fleet Vans

Petroleum companies take note, it will take just 30 minutes, from next month, to charge your electric car in County Tipperary

The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) Ecars have just announced plans for the roll-out of  Fast-Charge points to Irish service stations, which will allow drivers to ‘refuel’ their electric vehicles up to 80% of their storage capacity, for just €6.

Motor industry experts reckons electric vehicles (EV’s) are perfect for some fleets, where daily routes are distances are well known, so the likelihood is that businesses who distribute daily manufactured goods are likely to take advantage of EV’s initially.

Public transport will also be targeted, following the lead by Sweden, who has just introduced a brand new hybrid bus combining an electric/diesel model. This bus will be be charged for five to ten minutes at one end of its route between each run and these frequent fast charges it is hoped will allow the bus to run for a full 18 hours on electrical power alone.

ESB is committed to installing 30 fast-charging points across Ireland by the end of this year, including an estimate of 2,000 points in private homes.

One of the first charging points will be operational from next month in Wallers Lot in Cashel, here in Co Tipperary.These chargers are urgently needed to promote the future use of electric cars as an alternative to our traditional car.

With running costs for the electric vehicles just three cents per mile as opposed to 15 cents per mile for traditional car, once Fast-Charge points are provided the ESB predict over 6,000 electric vehicles will be on our roads by 2012, with 10pc of all vehicles powered by electricity by 2020.


4 comments to ESB Plan Fast-Charge Point For EV’s In Cashel

  • I must get a charger going and make a few bob

  • Having read todays paper, Ireland needs your entrepeneurial spirit. Could we not build a car with a wind turbine on the roof? The energy from the wind caused by your cars forward motion would turn the three propeller blades on the roof and spin the generator to create the required electricity. Get out to that shed of yours Michael and start inventing, your country needs you.

  • During a recession we should slow down a bit on the road. A one Horse/Cowpower vehicle should be enough for most.


  • William

    No fast charger unit in Thurles? Surely if the politicians were serious about this they would push to have a few FAST charger points in each town (and introduce clamping for non electric vehicles that hog the charging spots).

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