Use Dulux Free Paint To Brighten Your Community

Congratulations to Dulux Paints Ireland Limited with their “Let’s Colour Project,” announced recently.

The Dulux paint manufacturing company aim to donate free coloured paint to community groups all over Tipperary and Ireland. This will allow these groups to add colour to and rejuvenate spaces in their locality. The project is open to community groups, charities, residents and individuals who have the desire and determination to make a difference to their surroundings.

All you have to do is select the space in your community that you would like to brighten.

Then choose what colours to use, and how to best use to maximum advantage. For this purpose a ‘Colour Guide‘ has been prepared by Dulux to help you choose your personal colour scheme.

Then simply contact Dulux and tell them all about your proposed project.

The power of colour is what rejuvenates a derelict space and it can also change how people interact with, and feel about, that space.

For full ‘Terms and Conditions,’ and other Entry Criteria click HERE

Nice one Dulux.


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