Todays Sun Drenched Tipperary News

It’s April 10th 2011 and the sun is beaming brightly over our Tipperary landscape, spreading 21°C of warmth, on this the 3rd anniversary of the visionary prediction’s of Fianna Fáil’s Mr Donie (Daniel) Cassidy, who in 2008 warned the Irish Nation that house prices would increase by at least 25% higher than then existed in 2008.
Happy ‘Donie Cassidy Day ‘ to all you property speculators, who now feel that those of us who were careful with our spending, should now pay for your extravagances.

From a local perspective, a report in the Irish Independent claims that Tipperary North TD Michael Lowry has been at it again, striking secret deals with two former Taoisigh. During his time propping up the Fianna Fáil governments of Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen, the Tipperary North TD was given the task of doling out three positions on State Boards to his favourite supporters. Of the Ministers in cabinet at the time, only the two Taoisigh knew the full details of these special deals. Mr Lowry defends controlling these three posts he was allocated. It appears that unlike the filling of other public situations vacant, a nod and a wink from a politician can replaced and the usual basic requirements to attend for interview with updated Curriculum Vitae.

Speaking of salary’s and expenses, readers note that more cuts to Social Welfare look likely, after Department of Finance briefing documents indicate that savings will have to be made on welfare expenditure. The documents are understood to state that there is little justification for high earners receiving social welfare, through children’s allowance. Payment of half-rate Job-seekers Benefit or Illness Benefit to recipients of One Parent Family Payment will also come under the microscope. Social Welfare accounts for almost 40 % of all money spent by the Irish state, with €20.6 billion now set aside for social welfare expenditure this year. Meanwhile the head of Eircom will continue to receive his salary of approx €720,000 this year, head of Anglo Irish Bank, latter which lost €17 billion in 2010, will be paid approx €974,000, head of Rehab will receive around €450,000, and head of Aer Lingus will receive -well who really cares knows or cares anymore.

Other Good News.
There is however good news for 30,000 over taxed daily motorists using Dublin’s Phoenix Park. In an effort to impress Queen Elizabeth II, the Office of Public Works is to spend €92,000 to fix the gaping potholes. Rural commuters expect delays as this urgent work begin on Monday lasting for eight to ten days. Gaping craters in Tipperary have not as yet been deemed sufficiently matured enough, to warrant any immediate attention.

One bit of other good news for some lucky individual, this weeks ‘Mid-week Lotto ‘ is heading for €4.5m.

Take risks… if you win, you’ll be happy… if you lose, you’ll be wise.



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