Noel Coonan’s Re-Election Celebration Draws Crowd

Noel Coonan TD with Fine Gael Public Representatives and the Fine Gael Team in North Tipperary/South Offaly

A phenomenal crowd gathered in the Templemore Arms Hotel, Templemore, Thurles, Co.Tipperry, last Saturday night, to officially celebrate the re-election of Fine Gael Deputy Noel Coonan to the 31st Dáil.

Speaking at the evening of celebration, the local TD said he was “truly humbled” by the large audience who turned out and “wished to thank every single person in attendance who rolled up their sleeves in the election.

Addressing the gathering Deputy Coonan stated: “I feel very humbled here tonight to have been given the opportunity to again represent this constituency and to be elected to the 31st Dáil which I believe will be a very powerful Dáil. But tonight is about you because you are the people who did the work for Fine Gael, for Noel Coonan and for the North Tipperary/South Offaly constituency. Each and every one of you rolled up your sleeves to ensure we got the response we were all praying for and it was very humbling when the ballot boxes were opened and our vote increased in every area. That is due to the efforts of Fine Gael Public Representatives, the Fine Gael organisation in this constituency and the good will of the public.

Deputy Noel Coonan with members of North Tipp Young Fine Gael at an evening of celebration last Saturday night to officially acknowledge re-election of the local TD

A loud enthusiastic cheer filled the packed ballroom as Noel continued: “Leader Enda Kenny asked me to pass on his thanks to Fine Gael members in North Tipperary/South Offaly who have stood loyal to the party over the years and achieved success yet again.

The Fine Gael Deputy gave special thanks to the Fine Gael Organisation who “did a fantastic job” including Chairman Michael Harty, Director of Elections Tom Berkery, Secretary Margaret Mary Dwyer, Organiser Michael MacNamara, Campaign Manager Mary d’Estelle Roe, to Young Fine Gael who helped make the campaign a success and to many non-party and non-political people who participated and who encouraged.

Heartfelt thanks to you all here tonight and I look forward in confidence to Fine Gael in Government, Enda Kenny as Taoiseach and to delivering for the people of our constituency by restoring hope and confidence. We will all work hard as a team over the next five years so that Fine Gael will never again lose it’s seat in North Tipperary/South Offaly. Ladies and gentleman, this night belongs to you the people who have given us the mandate to represent you in Dáil Éireann and work hard on your behalf and for that we are really and truly grateful,” concluded Deputy Coonan.


1 comment to Noel Coonan’s Re-Election Celebration Draws Crowd

  • Greg

    This career Politico has completely let the people from Tipp down. His ISIS speech is hugely embarrassing
    Please don’t vote this numpty in again.

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