2011 General Election Results For North Tipperary

The people of North Tipperary have spoken and hereunder are the 2011 General Election results for the Constituency:-

Counts: 3. Electorate: 63,235.  Turnout: 77.2%.  Total Poll: 48,789.  Spoiled Votes: 516.  Total Valid Poll: 48,273.   Quota: 12,069   Seats Filled: 3.

Election Results 2011


Lowry, Michael, Sitting Independent. Elected on first count.  First Preference votes, 14,104.
Coonan, Noel, Sitting Fine Gael Party. First Preference votes, 11,425.   Transfers, 705.  Total: 12,130.
Kelly, Alan,  Sitting MEP Labour Party. First Preference votes, 9,559.  Transfers, 545+1,961.  Elected short of quota.  Total: 12,065.


Hoctor, Maire, Sitting Fianna Fáil Party. First Preference votes,7,978.   Eliminated + 378 + 1,085.  Total: 9,441 .
Morris, SeamusSinn Féin Party. First Preference votes, 3,034.     Eliminated + 146.   Total: 3,180.
Clancy, Billy, Independent. First Preference votes,1,442.     Eliminated + 211.   Total: 1,653.
O’Malley, Olwyn Green Party. First Preference votes, 409.     Eliminated + 20.   Total: 429.
Bopp, Kate Independent. First Preference votes, 322.     Eliminated + 30.   Total: 352.

Electoral results were as forecast by the pundits and Tipperary North has elected no Fianna Fail T.D. for the first time in living memory. Tipperary North had the highest turnout in the State in the last General Election.


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