Dwarfism Paddy Ryan Goes Fundraising

Paddy Ryan - Photo B. Delaney

Paddy Ryan, a man with a rare form of dwarfism is to begin fundraising to raise money for research into his unusual condition.

Paddy is one of just one of 140 people in the world to suffer from this condition identified as Primordial Dwarfism Type II, which is a genetic disorder, severely stunting normal growth.

This rare condition is a form of dwarfism in which the body is properly and proportionately formed in every way, but the sufferer remains small in stature.

This disease differs from normal dwarfism, which is characterised by small stature resulting from a specific medical condition. One in every 100 people are characterised as dwarfs.

Mr Ryan, aged 33 and measuring 3ft 6in high, hails from Templederry, Co Tipperary and is one of the smallest adults in Ireland. There are approximately 140 only documented cases in the world similar to Mr Ryan’s and he is one of the oldest males in the world with his condition.

Low stature however does not  hinder Mr Ryan, he drives a specially adapted Volkswagen Golf and has worked for some 14 years in Nenagh town, with MJM Electronics, prior to the factory being closed last year.

He is presently the only person in Ireland collecting for the non-profit “Walking With Giants Foundation,” which is a support and research group for people affected by dwarfism. His fundraising campaign will begin in Michael Hogan’s pub in Templederry on March 18th next, so do go along and support his efforts.

Remember: Venue – Michael Hogans Pub, Templederry, Co. Tipperary. Date –March 18th next, the day after St Patrick’s day.


1 comment to Dwarfism Paddy Ryan Goes Fundraising

  • Jame Smyth

    Well done Paddy, I have seen several documentaries on this condition. You are a role model for the individuals affected by Primordial Dwarfism. Hope your campaign is successful.


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