Unemployed Live Register Figures For North Tipperary Up 200%

The latest January 2011 Live Register figure for the North Tipperary area now stands at 7,447 people. This represents a rise of over 200 % since the last General Election in 2007 and is further living proof of the neglect, which the Fianna Fail Government and the supporting Deputies who courted them, have enforced on Tipperary North, mainly through their basic political inability, personal greed and cute whorishness.

Irish Talent Emigrating Daily

For those of you who genuinely worry about your futures, the futures of your children, wonder to whom you should entrust your Number 1 vote in the next General Election and who email this site on a daily basis, accusing me of political bias, please click Here.

Take the time required to read this well scribed, researched, nine page article, entitled “When Irish Eyes Are Crying” by outsider Michael Lewis.

Michael explains and identifies exactly who were the ‘stars’ of our present financial catastrophe. It confirms to us exactly what we already knew, but choose to accept, that a small number of high ranking trusted individuals have betrayed this nation, through their ignorance, their thirst for power, their lies, their attempts to cover up their treasonous acts, while making us, those who granted them their power, the laughing stock of the world.

When you have read this article, which I hope you will, I want you to go out and vote them back into power again if you dare, and many of you will, but be prepared to wave goodbye to your children at Shannon or Dublin Airport.

By the way, if there are any foreign countries looking in, our children, emigrating presently at the rate of 1,000 per week, are amongst the best educated and the most intelligent in the world.

Treat them well, use their knowledge, they come courtesy and at the expense of  the hard pressed Irish taxpayer and an excellent Irish educational system, which, the latter has regrettably taught them that they must always work for someone else.


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