25,167 Redundancy Claims Awaiting Processing

Deputy Noel Coonan

In 2011, the Department of Social Protection is to undertake a review of the current redundancy claims processing procedures as part of their development of a new computer system, which will be integrated into the Department’s service delivery modernisation programme.

Local North Tipperary Fine Gael Deputy Noel Coonan said this is a welcome move and if necessary, staff must also be re-allocated, to lessen waiting times.

Deputy Coonan speaking to Thurles Information today stated:  “This Government is ‘punishing’ people who have lost their jobs by making them wait more than half a year for their redundancy payment. Redundancy claims dating from June 2010 are currently being processed. It is shameful that this Government has consistently failed to tackle the excessive backlog. I am calling on the Government to redeploy staff to the redundancy section to reduce the burden; for example the plethora of inspectors based in the Department of Agriculture would be better placed, speeding up the time it takes to issue redundancy payments. At the end of 2010, there was a shocking 25,167 claims waiting to be processed nationally. Claims dating from June 2010 are currently being processed and this backlog is hugely unacceptable at a time when people who have lost their jobs are struggling to get by on a weekly basis. People are suffering unduly because this inefficient Government, and those who support it in North Tipperary, continue to run our country into the ground. I am aware that in some instances the processing of claims can be delayed until necessary supporting documentation are provided, but these extensive waiting times have been an ongoing problem over the last year, if not longer, and this defunct Government has yet to resolve the issue despite promises to do so. This backlog is also unacceptable bearing in mind the Universal Social Charge which was introduced in last month’s Budget.

The USC flat-rate tax replaced the old health and income levies and is designed to bring more lower income earners into the tax net. Most taxpayers pay 2pc USC on the first €10,036 of income, 4pc on the next €5,980 and 7pc on everything over that. This new universal charge is designed to hits people on the minimum wage, even if they are outside the tax net.


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