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Fine Gael Reinventing Government

The Fine Gael party recently published their plan to fix our current broken system of Government, which has failed the public it is designed to serve.

Entitled ‘Reinventing Government‘, local North Tipperary TD Noel Coonan explained how the policy will protect frontline services and mend our broken economy here in North Tipperary and South Offaly. Reinventing Government will, according to the North Tipperary TD, radically reform Ireland’s public administration and replace outdated practices with a modernised civil and public service.

Deputy Noel Coonan TD

Noel Coonan stated:

It will make our Government smaller, cheaper and better.  This will mean in practice that we end up having fewer politicians, fewer bureaucrats, and much fewer Quangos eating into hard earned taxes.  It will also deliver better services, more accountability from those in charge and greater transparency in the way our Government operates. Front line services will be protected in a streamlined, smaller and more cost effective public service that sees waste, duplication and fragmented structures totally eliminated. A revolutionised budgetary process that is open and answerable to full public scrutiny will replace the current outdated, secretive and inefficient system.”

Among some the actions set out in ‘Reinventing Government’ to make Fine Gael’s vision of Government a reality are:

1.    The abolishing of over 145 state bodies and companies including the dismantling of the HSE and FAS and their replacement with better, more cost effective alternatives.

2.    Saving over €5 billion, or €1 in €10 spent by public bodies, by confronting waste, duplication and inefficiency.

3.    Externally recruiting new high level specialists in banking, taxation and macro economic forecasting to improve the Department of Finance’s capacity to deliver on key tasks.

4.    At least one third of all appointments at a senior level in the Public Service will be made from outside the current system for a period of five years.

5.    All lobbyists will have to be registered with the Standard’s in Public Office Commission and recent restrictions to the Freedom of Information Act will be reversed.

6.    We will establish an Independent Fiscal Council to advise Parliament on issues such as borrowing levels, debt reduction and taxation planning. The Fiscal Council will be fully accountable to the Oireachtas Finance Committee.


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