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Authoress A.S.King reading

I believe the greatest gift you can give any child is the gift of reading. It is not surprising therefore that, every Christmas season, I systematically complain about the non availability of any good quality, modern and exiting reading for mature young adults, in the 15 to 18 year old bracket. This year I have been silenced with the launch of a novel by A.S.King.

The name Amy King is well known to residents in the lovely Co.Tipperary hamlet of Mullinahone, since she resided there for nearly a decade with her cabinet making husband, Topher. Amy taught adult literacy at the Word Aid center in Kilkenny City while writing her first novel, while simultaneously keeping an organic garden, breeding chickens, and restoring the old Maloney property in the towns-land of Modeshill.

Amy’s latest novel, targeting mature young adult readers and entitled “Please Ignore Vera Dietz“, was launched this week, to critical acclaim from major trade reviewers in the US.

A starred Publishers Weekly review starts, “This chilling and darkly comedic novel offers a gradual unfolding of secrets about troubled teenagers, their families and their town.”

Other reviews state,

“It is hard to describe how deeply affecting this story is. The writing is phenomenal, the characters unforgettable.”
“It is a gut-wrenching tale about family, friendship, destiny, the meaning of words, and self-discovery. It will glow in the reader for a long time after reading.”
“The book is deeply suspenseful and profoundly human” –
Publishers Weekly.
“Brilliant, Funny, Really special.” –
Ellen Hopkins, author of NYT bestselling Crank, Glass and Tricks”

This book is highly recommended for teenagers of 14 and older and indeed adults of all ages.

Speaking to this morning Amy describes her time in Mullinahone as “The best years of my life.”
Amy said: “I had wonderful neighbours in Mullinahone and the most amazing job at ‘Word Aid’. I miss the students and fellow tutors there, so very much and I will always remain an avid Tipperary hurling supporter no matter where I live.”

This wonderful novel is not Amy’s first successful book release. Her first award winning novel “The Dust of 100 Dogs” published in 2009, the story of a Cromwell orphan girl-turned relentless Caribbean pirate reincarnated in 1970’s Pennsylvania with her memories intact, landed her on the American Library Association’s Best Books for Young Adults list.

Amy presently lives in rural Pennsylvania with Topher and their two children.

Perhaps a nice gift idea for Christmas, this year, would be a personal ‘Signed Copy‘ of Amy’s new book and you can order same by clicking HERE and save yourself 10%.


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