Rozanna Purcell – Miss Universe Ireland 2010

Tipperary Beauty, Miss Rozanna Purcell

The “Luck of the Irish” has been slow to materialise with regard to the Miss Universe Pageant down the years.

Sure enough, Miss Roberta Brown almost made it in 1983 when she was placed as second runner-up to Lorraine Downes who represented New Zealand.  Then there were of course the “also ran”  finishes, by the Irish lovelies, Julie Ann Farnham in 1975, Loraine Bernadette Enriquez in 1977, Olivia Tracey in 1985 and Andrea Roche in 1997. However Ireland’s beautiful women have always fallen short in the final first place selections, unlike the Miss World contenders, whose performance continues to maintain a relatively high standard.

Well that was before Co.Tipperary entered the fray, this year, with 19 year old top Irish model Miss Rozanna Purcell, a native of Clonmel, here in Co. Tipperary.

Top Irish model and Miss Universe Ireland 2010, who stands 5’9″ tall with light brown hair, isn’t just your average top quality eye candy, there’s brains and not a little self confidence travelling with this classic Tipperary beauty this year.

The quick witted and focused Miss Purcell, who spent her early life growing up on a horse breeding farm here in Tipperary, is presently a full time student, studying Politics in University College Dublin (UCD). Between studies she has carved out a very successful modelling career with Assets Model Agency in Lower Leeson Street, Dublin, and in addition, she is UCD’s Representative on Politics. In 2007, she was selected to act as an Ambassador for Ireland in Ecuador as part of the Experience International Living (EIL) program, working on the renovation of a school in the Riobamba region, and funding book supplies for the school through her many fund-raising activities here in Ireland.

While many would feel that the whole Miss Universe concept is disrespectful of her sex, Rozanna is quick to point out that this pageant serves as a platform to empower young women to celebrate the many forms of worldwide beauty, while helping women throughout the world to achieve their career goals, giving them the opportunity to become both National and International role models.

This is one very positive and focused young lady and the eyes and hopes of a nation will be on her when she represent her country and county in Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas, USA on August 23rd, 2010.

This year looks like our best chance ever to take home this coveted title and Tipperary and the Irish Nation wish her every success. We think the “Luck of the Irish” won’t be necessary in this particular case.


5 comments to Rozanna Purcell – Miss Universe Ireland 2010

  • Ken in Dublin

    I hope this beauty with brains doesn’t waste her talents on a career in politics, nearly everyone in this country detests politicions and their corrupt self serving ways. She won’t change anything on her own, just get out of that game girl and do acting or something, but anything but politics.

  • Kev

    Why do models nowadays all look like androgenous sexless manniquinns.

  • Hi Kev,
    It appears that’s the image that the greater majority pander too I guess. Maybe RTE, who seem to copy every other TV stations programming, under a different heading, will stage a Dublin version of “Sexless In The City”.

  • Ken in Dublin

    Re Kev and George,

    I totally disagree, with respect maybe you both need an appointment with an optician.

    A few years ago yes – there was a lot of androgeny going on, and the waif like culture that prevailed stripped the models of their sexuality, but today it’s a different story, more size 8 and 10 models as opposed to the size 0 of recent years, and our own Rozanna here is just spectacularly beautiful, nothing androgenous about her at all, just a pure girly radiant and sublime gorgeousness, I’m sure I’d be struck dumb by her dazzling beauty if she walked into the same room as me unexpectedly.

  • Miceal

    Hi Roz, Saw you on sat on the tv, looked great must compliment you. Are you doing any running ..remember I stopped you one evening in Fethard, you were out training. I thought I might get a run out of you but I know you are up to your eyes. Lovely to see you doing so well .

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