57,516 Irish Passport Applications Await Processing

Passport Scandal

Figures released show that there are 57,516 passport applications waiting to be processed in Dublin and Cork passport offices, but a new service has been introduced to prioritise applications for people with immediate travel plans within three days. The cost of this new service to the taxpayer however has not been disclosed.

North Tipperary Fine Gael TD, Deputy Noel Coonan stated:
“Passport applications with ‘absolute proof of travel’ are now guaranteed to be processed within three working days. Applicants should make contact with the passport service and provide proof where applicable. While the backlog is still hugely excessive at 57,516 as of July 6th, and the Government is still struggling to alleviate the problem, at least a new fast turnaround time has been introduced. Additional temporary staff  have commenced work in the passport service in the last few weeks to clear the backlog and while this is welcome news, I’m disappointed that the Government did not appoint extra staff before an enormous backlog had formed and the problem had already snowballed. Until now, the fastest turnaround time was open only to applicants who needed to travel for urgent humanitarian reasons but this new service will  prioritise applications for people with immediate travel plans.”

Information released by the Foreign Affairs Minister also revealed that it is taking eight weeks to process applications received through the ordinary post channels. Passport demand is now running at 14% higher than this time in 2009. Unfortunately, the Minister was unable to confirm how many North Tipperary people are waiting for their passports to be processed.

Of the 57,516 applications waiting to be processed, 12,400 of these were received by the Passport Office in Cork.  Applications submitted via the Passport Express service (Swiftpost in the Republic and NIPX in the North), available through local post offices, are being processed within 20 working days.  This 20 working day guarantee is kept under review. There appears to be no difference in waiting times for a Passport Renewal or First Time Applications.

But wait for it – Yes, you have guessed correctly, an additional fee to those seeking passports, may apply in respect of such new prioritised applications.


2 comments to 57,516 Irish Passport Applications Await Processing

  • Gerda McLoughney

    Passport Express Item No: PX080548045IE – Trans Code: 79180 in Post Office Thurles on 28th April 2016
    I still have not received my Passport and it is needed badly. When can I expect it?

    Thank you!

  • George Willoughby

    Irish Passport Office informs us: The Passport Express service by An Post aims to have the passport back to the applicant within 15 working days (or three working weeks) of posting the original application, provided that the form and documentation are in order.
    The Passport Service aims to process applications within 10 working days of receipt. However turnaround times above are a guideline only and will vary depending on the level of seasonal demand.”

    [You applied for replacement Twenty three days ago as of today: Allow one day for delivery & one day return = 21 days or 15 working days during peak season]

    Passport should be in your hands this coming week. Depending on your date to travel and if in doubt on Monday; call Tel: +353 (0)1 671 1633. They can prioritise in cases of genuine emergency.

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