Methinks, Mr Lowry And Horse Dealing Friends Doth Protest Too Much

This following press statement was released from the office of Michael Lowry TD at 7.38pm yesterday evening. Part of this Press Release reads as follows and I will leave our viewers to read between the lines.

Stag Hunting Bill and the “Puppy Farm” Bill

“I have given conditional support to this Government, qualified by the fact that it was dependent on them giving priority to a number of North Tipperary constituency issues whilst also addressing our national economic problems.

Our absolute priority must be the 500,000 people who are unemployed and getting them back to work.

Our priority should be the thousands of young people crippled with mortgage repayments living in fear of losing their homes.

Our priority should be the young people being forced to emigrate and the sick and infirm who are not able to access proper Health-care. These should be the priorities of this Government, not a stag in County Meath.

I do not consider, at this critical time in our nation’s history, that we should be spending Dáil time debating a stag hunting Bill and a “puppy farm” Bill.  These Bills do not deserve the priority given them when we all need to be working together to solve our country’s economic problems, the last thing we need is an issue that divides rural and urban Ireland.

Therefore after today’s discussion with John Curran Government Chief Whip, I confirmed that I am not in a position to support this Stag Hunting Bill, which threatens the future of hunting and coursing in Ireland.

In my political career, I have never witnessed such strong and passionate opposition to a proposed piece of legislation. It is not just hunters who have come knocking on my door, but also anglers, gun clubs, coursing clubs and farmers concerned about the future of live exports of cattle. In fact, an entire cross section of rural people in Ireland are frustrated and angry that this is an attack on rural country pursuits and farming.

I represent North Tipperary, a land famous for its long tradition of hunting, coursing, greyhound racing and a county proud to breed the best race horses in the world. It is my belief that it is not appropriate or correct that a small political party can impose its agenda in such a destructive manner on rural Ireland.

As regards the Dog Breeding Bill, the Government will have my support if they agree to the two following amendments.
A) That Groups affiliated to the Hunting Association of Ireland be granted a full and complete exemption from the requirement of the Regulations.
B) That Greyhounds must be removed from the Bill and the welfare of Greyhounds can be addressed by a simple amendment to the Greyhound Act of 1958 to allow that sport and industry to continue its commendable job as regards animal welfare, as it has done so satisfactorily since 1958.

We all agree that we need to address the issue of over breeding of dogs in puppy farms but these two amendments that I propose allows the Minister to achieve his objectives without undermining the Greyhound, Coursing and Hunting industries.

The Taoiseach can continue to rely on my support once Fianna Fáil and the Green Party are concentrating on the priorities that need to be addressed at this time of crisis in our nation.

What Do Youth, Low Paid Workers, Lone Parents, Social Welfare Recipients and Elderly Pensioners Think

Much of what happens in the Dáil these days to the above named, continues to defy their basic understanding, as indeed it does myself.
We read constantly, nay, almost daily, the thieving antics of Fianna Fáil and it’s supporting TDs, who now apparently have realised, for the first time, that they oppose the new proposed Stag Hunting Bill.

Yet, something struck me very forcibly today.  That while the Government was handing out untold pain and suffering to low-paid workers, lone parents, social welfare recipients, elderly pensioners, Mr Lowry and Co. continued silently to support the actions of this same Government. Odd don’t you think that he also supported the endless closing of hospitals, the trafficking of billions of taxpayers euros into bottomless black holes, the bailing out of Snake Oil Merchants, Creeps, Spoofers, and those who have condemned us all to total negative equity.

The words of a well known advert spring to mind, it seems that “animal welfare matters excite parts of Mr Lowry and Co., that human welfare issues and concerns for the poorer members of his electorate cannot reach.” Perhaps Mr Lowry is spending too much of his time in the company of well known wealthy Tipperary horse dealers and those recognised as “the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable,” and less time with those who voted for him to represent them fairly in Government.

Certainly he has been active amongst our youth, mostly raffling Oxygen Tickets to gain access to eighteen year old voters Mobile Phone numbers and Email addresses, so that he can more easily canvas their support in the  event that an election should appear on the horizon in the near future.

In the case of stag hunting, the members of this disgraceful profession cannot control where the stag enters their little unspeakable game, the animal is running for his very life, crossing roads, stone walls, jumping barbed wire fences, panicking fields of sheep and leaping in front of motorists on major roads, in his sheer terror and attempt to escape his pursuing enemy.

Do We Not Have Laws Governing The Slaughtering Of Cattle

This stag is tame, not wild, since it has been grown and hand fed in captivity, solely for one purpose – what the followers of this barbaric sport may have what they call ‘fun’. This animal is chased, terrorised, badly bitten by as much as eighty large dogs and finally manhandled by 4 or 5 thugs in their attempts to recapture it. Many of these, ‘Gods Creatures’ die an agonising death as a result of this tormented mauling. Would Irish law or the EU, latter who appear to make all our laws for us presently, permit the slaughter of our cattle herds to be carried out in like manner?

Stag hunting serves no ecological or practical purpose in our societies modern civilised environment, but is still practised in Ireland to provide entertainment two days every week, from October to March, to supposedly grant enjoyment to upper class arrogant thugs, many of whom claim to be christian in belief.

Congrats to John Gormley TD, long may he remain in politics. Michael Lowry, shame on you and those you choose to support in retaining this unspeakable cruel minority sport.


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