New Three Year Strategic Plan For Irish Civil Defence

A new strategic plan, launched from the Irish Civil Defence headquarters in Roscrea, Co Tipperary, by Minister for Defence Tony Killeen yesterday, now commits the organisation to training and development skills for half of its 6,000 members, during the next three years.

The new plan also seeks to attract more volunteers to its ranks and will work to strengthen its links with other front-line services that also have a role in reacting to any unforeseen or any unplanned emergencies.

A branch of the Civil Defence are located in each county in the Republic of Ireland and are a voluntary body that aid professional organisations, such as the Garda.

The body was originally set up in 1950, as part of the national defence structure and as a then necessary civil response to potential hazards which might arise in a war time situation. The organisation was designed to undertake non combatant activities to mitigate the effects on persons and property against possible attacks in the State from hazards arising such as radio-active fallout, biological or chemical warfare etc.
With the enactment of the Civil Defence Act of 2002, the Civil Defence Board has assumed responsibility for Civil Defence at National level. Prior to this, the Civil Defence function at national level was the responsibility of the Minister for Defence.

The Irish Civil Defence is an organisation comprising currently approximately 6000 members who voluntarily make themselves available in their spare time. Much of this time presently is devoted to training for situations which, it is hoped, will never happen.

Joining the Civil Defence

To request information on becoming a Civil Defence Volunteer or have a member of the Civil Defence organisation contact you, please see following link:


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