Silent Disco At HQ NightClub Thurles Saturday Next

Here comes the “Smirnoff Be There Festival” experience!

If you’re the type of festival-head who can’t wait for Summer, then the “Smirnoff Be There Festival” is just for you. This event packs everyone’s outdoor festival favourites into one place and all under one roof. It’s a festival with a big difference. Now everyone gets to enjoy a taste of the festival in their favourite HQ nightclub, Thurles, and it’s all on one amazing night Saturday, Saturday15th May .

Centre-stage at every “Smirnoff Be There Festival” is the fabulous Silent Disco but, like the best festivals, it’s not just about the music.

Special “Smirnoff Be There Festival” staff will be on hand to distribute some very cool festival goodies including ponchos, sunglasses, bags and glowbands.

Smirnoff Festival-goers can add to the atmosphere and really make it a night to remember by dressing up and arriving in festival friendly gear. e.g. Wellies, Hats and Anoraks are all very welcome!

See you at HQ Folks


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