County Manager Terry O’Niadh Retires

Mr Terry O'Niadh

Floods of tribute came from North Tipperary County Council members recently during a meeting for County Manager, Mr. Terry O’Niadh, who retired from his post, after ten years as head of the North Tipperary Authority.

The loss of Mr. O’Niadh, through his retirement as Manager of the County, was genuinely lamented by all elected representatives and officials who turned out in large numbers to bid their farewells.

Mr. O’Niadh had a long and distinguished career in Local Government, having worked in the sector since 1968. During his career he has served in nine different Local Authorities, including  seven years as Kildare Assistant County Manager and for seven years as County Secretary in Wicklow. He has also worked for a time in Dun Laoighre and Dublin Corporations as well as in Co.Offaly and Co.Meath.

Mr. O’Niadh first came to North Tipperary as County Manager in 2000.
Described by all as a  man of tremendous ability and with a great attitude and belief in co-operation, North Tipperary, over the last ten years has greatly benefited from a lot of positive developments under his tenure, all of which will remain as a lasting memorial to his term in office.

In his farewell address to those assembled, Mr.O Niadh stated:

“You were always progressive and always prepared to take a chance and that ensured that things got done. I have always worked well with members, I have worked well with 95% of members, 95% of the time. I have always understood the nature of politics and whatever conflicts we may have had, were never personal. I am told we have the best Senior Management team in the country and this will be a great asset to the new County Manager. You are heading into difficult times, but if you apply the same attitude as you have over the past number of years you will continue to be the Premier County, indeed, the premier half of the Premier County”

In his parting words Mr.O Niadh paid tribute to the Council’s outdoor staff and he thanked the members of the press for their always fair and accurate reporting of Council business.

Mr. O Niadh will be replaced over the coming months by Acting County Manager, Mr. Matt Shortt and he was wished well in his new role by the outgoing Manager, and those in attendance.

We wish Mr.O’Niadh every happiness in his retirement.


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