Veterinary Products More Expensive In Tipperary

A study, which was carried out by the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA), suggests that farmers in the Republic of Ireland are paying up to 58% more for veterinary medicines each year, than their counterparts in the North.

The survey involved the price comparison for similar veterinary products in veterinary offices and farm shops in Tipperary and other counties, with those available in similar outlets in Coleraine and Fermanagh, in the six counties.

The survey demonstrates that a farmer in the Republic of Ireland, presently milking 70 cows, is paying up to €1,000 per year more for the same commonly used products.

This survey was conducted over a one week period in February last.

ICMSA vice president John Comer said:

“The massive mark-up on vet medicines is part of a professional monopoly, which the Government is not alone failing to address, but actually supports and condones. The high cost of these products and services in Ireland is a direct result of Government regulation, on one hand and Government failure to bring competition to the sector, on the other.”

Veterinary Ireland blamed the wholesale cost of pharmaceutical products supplied into the Irish retail market, varying considerably from that pertaining to other EU member states, including Northern Ireland.


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