Health Warning – The Irish Canon (Abridged)

The Irish Canon (Abridged) comes on stage in The Source Arts Theatre, Thurles, on Thursday night next, 29th April,at 8.00pm, and is an absolute must for all involved with drama groups of all ages in Tipperary.

Completely and unashamedly abridged, watch The Irish Canon flash before your eyes dragging Irish plays kicking and screaming into the future.

This show is a high-speed roller-coaster type compression or condensation, and is carries a strict health warning. “If you suffer from  bladder problems, inner-ear disorders, heart ailments and/or you are inclined to motion sickness,” best to give it a miss.

From the pen of very talented writers, The Irish Canon (Abridged) sees Irish Theatre of the last century condensed down to a rip-roaring 10 plays, 70 characters, and 3 actors all in the spate of one hour.

The stage will come alive with Irish figures who have dominated theatrical circles for over a century. Names like Kathleen Ni Houlihan, Christy Mahon, Bessie Burgess, the Bull MacCabe and many, many more, will grace the stage in quick succession, running breathlessly through iconic Irish theatre and unfurling into what can only be described as sheer mad comic chaos.

The result is a show that’s crammed with culture, comedy and hilarious hysterics. One of the funniest performances you will catch this season!

Don’t miss three actors hurtling themselves headlong through the most famous Irish plays ever written. On second thoughts, forget the health warning,I don’t know of anyone who died laughing.

Book now through the box office: Tel – 0504-90204 Tickets only €10


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