Thurles Nightclub – HQ Ready And Set To Rock

The wait is over. The time is now. Prepare to experience a kind of nightlife Thurles has never seen before, the kind of nightlife Thurles deserves.

Dust off your weekends, rally your mates, check your pulse and open your mind.

DSC_9643Prepare for a very new type of night out.
Prepare for a new social order.
Prepare for a new principle.
Prepare for a new generation.
Prepare yourself.
Prepare for — HQ.

A contemporary and intuitive network of clubs and bars have come together, all under a single roof, blurring the line between what it means to go out and what it means to stay out.

Boasting no less than six unique theme bars including The Red Room, The Black Room, Molly’s Bar, The Brew Bar, The Outback and the HQ Nightclub itself beating at its very core, HQ will now provide the kind of variety and choice 20 somethings, 30 somethings and 40 somethings have long associated with the bright lights and big sounds of a city social life.

HQ brings the city to Thurles.

Come, see and be conquered.


25 comments to Thurles Nightclub – HQ Ready And Set To Rock

  • Argo

    Heard about this place. Sounds interesting. Hope its as good as everyone says it is.

  • At last! Thurles desperately needs somewhere for us 20 somethings to go!

  • I had the privilege of a guided tour today. I think everyone will be pleasantly suprised. Beautifully designed interiors with something for all age groups. I believe “The Basics” band are playing there in the next week or two. Great band and their debut album “Moving Ghosts” is really super.

  • Ayrgar

    HQ, looks from the outside to be shaping up to be something the town has been awaiting for quite a long time, but I, been under twenty-one, hope the rumours of over twenty-ones only, is untrue. But best of luck and I am waiting in anticipation…!

  • Nella

    Didn’t get to see it yet but I am looking forward to the opening night.

  • Joan Miller

    Well at last a night club in Thurles. I will be home in Sept looking forward to going. Wish I was there for the opening – should be a good one. Good luck to everyone should be a great night.

  • Hi Nella,
    John & Pat send their regards, no mention of free drink though – still you never know.

  • s g

    Was in HQ tonight, fine job done, very posh, cosy, up to date, jazz band playinging in Mollys, nice contrast, great format,decor, atmos,……..

  • Pat the Baker

    Congrats to all at HQ. Friday night opening night was great. Classy Night Club. Fantastic sound. Lighting & atmos. Very Cosy Bars. Well Done Guys.

  • Jenny

    At long last somewhere cool and classy to spend our weekends. Club HQ is classy without a doubt and I would just say to anyone that enjoys a great nite out without being crammed into a room like a sardine to head to HQ. Give the support to keep club HQ going for years too come. Congrats to all involved and good luck with it. Loved the opening nite by the way! xxxxx

  • Mary

    Well done John, Pat and everyone involved in the making of one of the coolest places in Munster. Indeed we had a fantastic night loved going from one bar/theme to the next, spoilt for choice we were. What a mixture of ages, 20 somethings to 50 somethings, everyone had a place to enjoy the atmosphere of where they were, whether we were in the bar with a band or in the outback with a hotdog or up in the HQ club. Finally found my knight in Shining Armour!! Will he always be in the Window? Best of luck and years of continued success.

  • marco p

    Well done on a great looking venue, had a good night there……..

  • Paul

    Hi, Im looking for email contact to this Club. Thank You

  • Hi Paul,
    I have forwarded the email address to you. Best regards.

  • Sean

    What age is this club….18’s or 21’s???

  • Sean this club I believe allows all members above the legal age to enter its portals, however, per reports, it has very strict rules as to standards of dress and overall behaviour

  • Sean

    Cheers for that George…..

  • Cardinal Richelieu

    About time this town had something that can grow and foster gentrification.

  • Hi,
    Are you proposing the transformation of property from low value to high valued. Surely this has been proven to end up displaceing low-income residents and small businesses premises. Please discuss your ideas.

  • Me

    OMG I love HQ I go there every week when I am in college its way better than Hayes keep up the good work xxx

  • Killian

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get the e-mail address to contact HQ please.

  • Carrie

    Hi there! I’m from Tennessee and I’m coming with a group of student to a college in Thurles to do study abroad. I’m into rock and roll and good beer and looking for cool places to go there. Would this be a good place to check out?? I’ll check this site again later for a responce..

  • HI Carrie,
    HQ Nightclub is ‘red hot’ Baby, great bands, good security, great DJ’s, crack mighty, all the beer you can drink and you can rock until you drop. Give me a call back when you arrive and I’ll try to arrange a couple of free ticket for their student party night. See

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