Cancer Support – New Centre For Thurles

helping-handNorth Tipperary Hospice ‘In Home Care’ Movement has announced that it has acquired a premises at Clongour to develop a Cancer Support Centre. The property at  ‘Green Lawn’, Clongour, Thurles, Co Tipperary will now become known as the ‘Suir Haven’ Cancer Support Centre and aims to provide a supportive and holistic environment with privacy and dignity preserved at all times, for people affected by cancer and their close family members.

The  diagnosis of Cancer marks the beginning of a long and very frightening journey, not just for the affected individual but also for their family members, their friends and carers. Medical concerns will continue to be addressed through the range of available treatments within the Health Service while emotional needs and those of their family and friends will be met, where possible, by this new centre, who will provide a friendly and relaxed environment where those effected are welcome to discuss their individual difficulties.

In line with other cancer support centres in towns around the country, the Thurles service will provide a wide range of information to meet individuals needs. This information comes in the form of leaflets and booklets on specific cancers including symptoms and their side affects. It will also provide information on practical and emotional issues, complementary therapies, relaxation and meditation sessions, by appointment.

This valuable service comes provided in an atmosphere of total privacy, free of charge and funded by the North Tipperary Hospice ‘In Home Care’ Movement.

There will be an open evening to recruit new volunteers for this new premises beginning on Friday 15th. May from 7pm. to 9pm. at this centre, so if you can help, please try to be present.

To furnish the centre, towels, computer desks, lamps, filing cabinet, office desk, garden furniture, armchairs,  tables, relaxing chairs, candles and candle holders,  are required and  North Tipperary Hospice Movement are appealing for your public support in this charitable endeavour.

On Friday May 22nd next, Thurles Lions Club are proud to present “Frankly Sinatra” in the Premier Hall, Thurles, Co Tipperary. Half of the profits from this event will go to the North Tipperary Hospice movement, so please support both events if possible.


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