Councillor Michéal Lowry – Funding Allocation For Cabra Road Improvements

miclCouncillor Michéal Lowry has announced the immediate release of additional funds to allow for the completion of major road resurfacing works on the Cabra road, Thurles.

A further allocation of €200,000 will be used to finish the stretch of road between the oil distribution centre and the old sugar factory entrance at Cabra. This follows the completion of road resurfacing in the Stradavoher area.

Also included is a measure to realign, resurface and make safe the junction leading into Ballycurrane that has gone into serious disrepair.

This work is to begin and be completed in January 2009.                                                                                                                           mapdata

This investment ties into funding Independent TD Michael Lowry had previously secured for works on the Dublin and Templemore roads in Thurles.

Speaking to Thurles.Info, Cllr. Lowry stated:

“I have made the restoration and improvement of Thurles approach roads a priority.  Once these are completed the image and appeal to Thurles town will be further enhanced. The Lowry team and I will continue to work with the relevant government agencies and departments to provide quality, safe approach roadways for local residents and the towns commuters in general.”


2 comments to Councillor Michéal Lowry – Funding Allocation For Cabra Road Improvements

  • john

    Great to hear about Cabra and to see the work done on Town side of templemore Rd….but why oh why did the council stop just at the point where the road disimproves dramatically…another 500 yards to Mocklers would have been enough to make this stretch safe.

  • Michéal Lowry

    The area around Mocklers has been discussed and funding has been secured for the work in that area to be done in 2009.

    I will be working hard to make sure this is delived on.

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