Ghosts of the Faithful Departed

The first meeting of the new Thurles Camera Club season (following the long hot summer break & the recent upturn in the world’s economy – D’oh ) will take place at the Source in Thurles on Wednesday 17th next, following a photographic presentation by David Creedon. Many of you will have taken time to visit David’s very fine photographic exhibition entitled “Ghosts of the Faithful Departed” which is currently running at this same venue. Haven’t been yet?  A plague on all your houses. Now toddle over there, post haste, or we will have to call to your houses – during meal times.

So you are interested in photography are you?  See yourself as a budding David Bailey do you?

Well, have we got news for you.  On Wednesday, September 24th in Hayes Hotel the Thurles Camera Club will issue their annual program of events detailing beginner courses and competitions for the coming season. New members are very welcome to come along, as the Club holds their weekly meeting  every Wednesday evening in Hayes Hotel @8.30pm.

The club consists of approximately twenty-five members and has been running very successfully since Noah beached the Ark, all those years ago. The club is affiliated to the Southern Association of Camera Clubs and participates in all regional/national competitions. Anyone interested in joining this club need not necessary possess a camera and good advice will be given to those interested in making their first purchase or indeed upgrading existing machines.The club welcomes anyone with the slightest interest in photography to come along any Wednesday evening to take part in their activities.

Believe me it’s a lovely way to pass those dreary winter Wednesday nights.

Remember : Wednesday evenings – Hayes Hotel @ 8:30pm


2 comments to Ghosts of the Faithful Departed

  • sean

    Great to see the club going from strength to strength, I, like many others, have an interest in photography, and decided to go to the Wednesday night meetings and found other like-minded people there, who helped me gain a better knowledge of the use of camera equipement, lighting and setting the scene. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning about cameras to go along to these meetings. Keep up the good work

  • True for you Sean. I spent many years myself within the club. Its not all about photography either, the social outings are equally enjoyable.

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