Daffodils Emerging In Thurles Surely ‘Beats Banagher’.

The Daffodil or Jonquil (Narcissus) is usually among the first plants to emerge, normally in early spring.
Grown from bulbs planted between September and November, (Up until the ground starts to freeze), they emerge out of the soil as temperatures begin to rise in late February and early March to produce welcome bright trumpet-shaped blossoms on top of thin tubular stems.

However, this year we report that, here at least in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, daffodils are already emerging since late October, which, to use a now rarely used phrase, surely ‘Beats Banagher’.

[“Beats Banagher” – Primarily used here in Ireland to mean beyond the bounds of imagination; surprising; shocking, or an amazing occurrence.]

Note: These bulbs were first planted four years ago

What is the reason for this unusual phenomenon I hear you ask? I regret I have no answers, but maybe someone out there can explain this early premature birthing, same almost four months ahead of time.


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